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Terms and Fee Structure

Customers looking to take advantage of our placement program for both our “Full” and “Partial Services” may or may not qualify for a free ATM. We want our ATMs to be placed at locations that are not only beneficial for us, but also for you, the business owner, whom we provide our services to. Businesses that operate with a heavy cash presents and/ or a lot of foot traffic would qualify. There are no hard metrics to determine if your location will be a good fit or not. Mountain Money Solutions reserves the right to decline a free ATM placement and would refer you to our “Owner Operated/Investor option. If your location is accepted for a free ATM placement, Mountain Money Solutions reserves the right to remove the ATM if the machine has not done at least 50 transaction per month for three consecutive months. These terms will be detailed in the “ATM Placement Agreement”. Should this occur, you will have the option to buy the machine outright and be enrolled in our “Owner Operated/ Investor” program.

Most locations can expect to see a yearly return of about 55%-110%. Results will vary based on location. Mountain Money Solutions does not guarantee any return. The above returns are estimates based on a average usage of 50-100 transactions per month. Some locations can expect to see A LOT more usage and thus more profit. Other locations will see less. If choosing one of our “Bundles”, you, as the business owner are responsible for any theft or damage done to the ATM because of misuse, abuse, or any other causes. If selecting “Bundle 2”, Mountain Money Solutions is responsible for the money in the machine in the event of theft. However, the machine itself is your responsibility as it is property of you as the business owner or investor.

This statement of Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale supersedes all previous issues of Standard Terms & Conditions, and is subject to change without prior notice. Any terms and conditions included in a customer purchase order that conflict with Mountain Money Solutions’ Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale are null and void and of no consequence. Mountain Money Solutions acceptance of customer’s purchase order does not constitute acceptance of customer’s Terms and Conditions. In placing a purchase order with Mountain Money Solutions, customer hereby accepts Mountain Money Solutions’ Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Standard terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice for all Mountain Money Solutions’ customers. Payments other than by check, cash, or ACH made subsequent to the sale date may incur additional fees. If terms are not approved, customer will be required to make prepayment for all orders. All items sold by Mountain Money Solutions remain the property of Mountain Money Solutions until such time that they are paid for in full.


Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please contact your Mountain Money Solutions’ sales representative for the latest pricing or continue to browse on our website for further details.

All purchases of Products and/or Professional Services made by customer shall be in the form of a Purchase Order placed by the customer with Mountain Money Solutions. Each Purchase Order shall be in the form acceptable to Mountain Money Solutions and in use by each customer. Easiest way to order is to call or send us an email and we will get back to you with further details. Once ordered, special order, and non-inventoried products are not cancellable, and are not returnable.

Customer shall pay, and hold Mountain Money Solutions harmless from, all applicable taxes and duties arising from the purchase of any product from Mountain Money Solutions. If tax exempt, customer must provide a copy of a valid “Resale” or “Exempt” Certificate to Mountain Money Solutions.

Customer understands and acknowledges that certain charges, such as tariffs and other duties, are outside of the Company’s control and may not be known at the time of quotation or when an order is placed. In the unlikely event this happens, Mountain Money Solutions will add these charges, if applicable, to the price of the goods at the time of invoice and customer is responsible for and will pay these charges.

Orders will normally be shipped within 48 hours after receipt of purchase order by Mountain Money Solutions, subject to inventory and availability. If ATM is not in stock, customers can expect delivery from Mountain Money Solutions in about two weeks from order date. Shipments will be delivered by one of our service technicians and installed that day. Technician will be responsible to make sure the machine is in working order
upon delivery. All shipments will be sent uninsured by Mountain Money Solutions unless otherwise instructed, in writing, by the customer. To insure your delivery customers can opt to pay an additional $19.99 that will cover any loss or damage. Customers that reject Mountain Money Solutions shipment coverage (insurance), assume the risk of loss and/or damage.

Mountain Money Solutions has a staff of skilled technicians to provide product repair service to its customers. All of our ATMs come with an optional three-year service contract for customers who purchase the machine outright. The contract cost is $300 dollars with the first year being free of charge. The introductory year will cover all parts and labor for free should anything happen. Customers will be expected to pay the balance of the contract up front or at the start of year two. A credit card will be kept on file and charged at the start of year two unless otherwise noted. During year two and three, should anything go wrong with the machine, all parts and labor will be deducted 
off of the $300 already paid. Any additional costs over that will be billed to the customer at a rate of $100 per hour plus parts if needed. Minimum one hour.

All sales are final. Mountain Money Solutions will not issue any refund to the customer unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Any warranty is limited to the cost to replace or repair product only. Warranty does not include any additional costs, including but not limited to costs associated with labor to replace the covered product(s) unless under a Service Agreement. Product warranties are supported by the specific manufacturer’s warranty, which is typically one-year, but may vary. During this warranty period, Mountain Money Solutions will, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective not including labor unless under the Service Agreement. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable. The warranty does not apply to any defect that Mountain
Money Solutions or the manufacturer determines is due to:

1) improper maintenance, 2)misuse, abuse, alteration, neglect, or improper installation (if owner opts to install themselves), 3) act of God, 4) power surge, 5) accidental or intentional damage. Mountain Money Solutions assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damages as a result of loss of use, relating to the sale and/or use of all brands of product sold by Mountain Money Solutions. The above constitutes Mountain Money Solutions entire obligation with respect to the sale of product.

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